I LOVE this couture designer. That's why I always feature him on this blog. :)

I think some of them are the same shape as he usually does, which I think we can attribute to good branding. But there are always new gorgeous pieces and futuristic couture looks in his collections. This is Spring Summer 2012 Couture collection from Maxime Simoens.♡

(On another note the cover for my novel is done so I'll be rolling out announcements for the novel here on Nancy Girl very soon!)

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So upon receiving news that I was headed to the freezing Midwest, I immediately panicked as I have really dry skin or combo-to-dry skin. But on cold, dry days where you go from the outside into really heated rooms, my skin really can't handle it too much. I asked for advice a bit too late, but I did do a lot of research and then headed off to pick up some things that I thought would help. One new discovery came from a salesgirl at Sephora. She told me her sister lives in freezing weather and that the FIRST AID BEAUTY'S ULTRA REPAIR CREAM ("Intensive Therapy")was the only way to go. It wasn't too too expensive at about $30 for a huge tub, so I thought it would be a good idea to take it with me just in case the other things (like a Dermalogica face cream) didn't cut it. 

This is a really good cream in that it did heal a lot of the dry patches I had and flaky spots that never really went away. But I couldn't use it under my makeup as it made my makeup peel or roll or you know what I mean. BUT I did use it at night, every night, before going to bed. And I am still using it as a night cream because it seems to have fixed a lot of little things that were going on with my face and also made my face look a bit brighter. Pretty cool stuff. 

Here's what it doesn't have in it...NO parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances (which I can't handle), synthetic dyes, phthalates, gmo's or triclosan. 

What it does do and/or have is....colloidal oatmeal (which is like the only really approved ingredient to treat eczema), shea butter, soothing eucalyptus oil and ceramides. It's a good cream for anyone (according to sephora.com) with "severely dry, scaly skin due to harsh winter weather, aggressive cosmetic treatments, or any of the following conditions: atopic dermatitis, irritant eczema, allergic eczema, keratosis pilaris." There's also a load of figures saying how many people got results from using this. All I can say is you do see results. It's as good as some prescription creams I've had. I was amazed. I read a lot of people do actually use this as a day cream. But it doesn't work that way for my skin. But maybe it'll work for you. 

Even though next time I'll be sure to take some good old fashioned Nivea and petroleum jelly, I will most def be bringing this tub of FAB cream with me, too.♡

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You can watch the whole film (a bit long...if you have time to kick back today or you're sick like me and have to stay in bed and watch films) here....it's really well done. You can also find it if you search for it on YouTube. But everyone should be able to watch it on PBS. I love PBS. And I love Ray and Charles Eames' work. Most of my furniture is very Valley of the Dolls...it's all very 60s dollhouse. And I do have a couple of modern bits thrown in there. (If you check out the "More Sunday Matinee" link below...you'll see that the furniture in the film John and Mary is also very much from this Eames era.) This doc is also really good at showcasing how amazing Ray was...how true to herself she was and how much she valued art and style. Every girl should be their own person. I think too many people want to be the same person these days instead of really doing their own thing. You will see what I mean in this video. She wasn't a super model, but she was equally or more beautiful and amazing. Oh and this is narrated by James Franco (whom I also love love love love love).♡

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I really love these headphones, though I do wish they were round. They're a collab between Eley Kishimoto and WESC and they're supposed to be available to buy this month (JAN)...but I can't find them for sale online. I use my expensive headphones every day. But I had to get a new pair about a year ago and they aren't as good as my favorites which are locked in storage (dumb move on my part) and I'm realllly picky about the sound quality. SO I'm on the lookout for a new pair that are easy to take on a plane (mine are kind of massive studio type of headphones). I'll put a link as soon as I know where to buy these. But they are cool. I do love the Flash design as it's very lightning bolt which is all over my new novel...which is going to be announced on here quite soon! YEA! Stay tuned! Oh, and my novel has a soundtrack (!)...so you could listen to the music on your new Eley Kishimoto headphones whilst reading my book! \m/

doesn't this photo make them look a bit round?

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Truth be told, I had no idea who the heck Lana Del Rey was. There was a time when I was a super trend forecaster and a writer/editor for tastemaker mags like Dazed&Confused, Tokion and Anthem, where I "discovered" and wrote the first stories on a lot of people who became superstars...I can name a ton here but that might be stupid. :) But these days, I don't really care so much. Maybe it's because I'm not 22 anymore. Maybe it's because there are way way too many to count with all the YouTube stars and the way bands and artists get recycled on a dime these days. I saw a bunch of makeup looks that were supposed to be based on Lana Del Rey...and I loved them. So I had to look her up. I haven't heard her music, but I do love her look and her vibe and the way they style her out. I know I know...you guys are gonna be like, WTH is wrong with you?!?!? Well, rather than writing about artists, I finally decided to be the artist I have always been...and maybe that's why I'm not so concerned anymore with the flavor of the month. But this girl might not be a flavor of the month. If you haven't seen her photos, take a look below. Oh and I also think she reminds me a lot of Ann Margret.♡

someone mocked up a faux prada ad, but it looks cute.

NOT lana del rey...this is a photo of ann margret...i think they style her out just like ann (who was a hit and in a lot of films with elvis and also a redhead).

so cute

really gorgeous old school album cover.

this is a goorrrrrrgeous magazine cover...those bee-stung lips!

really pretty.

I think the below tutorial on a Lana Del Rey make up is a bit overdone...but you can get a good idea of how to get that 60s eye and lip.

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I was dubious about the new Valentino Couture collection for Spring Summer 2012, only because I thought I'd be bored or something. Yes, it has the same vibe/flavor it's been having since Master Valentino left the thrown. But it is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I was even more excited because I actually own a real Valentino dress that looks like it belongs with this collection!  It's what I call my Valentino "prairie dress". So this group of new dresses, to me, does look authentic, even though they didn't include one little red thread anywhere (gasp!). I would love to own some or all of these.♡

my vintage valentino is this shape...maybe a bit more narrow on the bottom...

i love how girly this is. dunno where you would wear it. but it's pretty to look at.

my vintage valentino has a print that looks more like this one...only it's beige on taupe.

i also own a vintage dress just like this...i call it my vintage wedding sweater dress. it's almost identical. and very heavy. you have to be a tall twig to wear things like this.

i love this dress so much. just to have. just to have it hanging in the closet. :)

i also love the dress maria grazia chiuri is wearing.

more thursday shoe ♥ the perfect pump

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Though some of the reviews I read kind of slammed the Givenchy Spring Summer Couture 2012 presentation saying it was due to lack of budget or something, I really thought it was magical and gorgeous. What a nice break from all the boring BORING fashion shows we always see. I like this old school cabinet-of-curiosities style of presenting these gorgeous amazing fantastic pieces. I imagine up close it was absolutely breathtaking. I thought these gowns that Riccardo Tisci designed for Givenchy were just impeccable. I also loved the palette as I love metallics and neutrals and a lot of bling. Oh and PS...there were two models in the mix, too.♡

one of my favorites. i love black dots.

insane detail

something very pretty about this that i love love.

really old world glamour here that i love. these are the style of pieces i look for in little vintage shops around the world.

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I tend to love the Agnes B. shows. And I usually do posts on the boys shows on here even though I don't have too many mens shows really covered on Nancy Girl, as there are way too many and this would turn into a menswear blog. There are loads of chic, simple, wearable looks in the show...but then mixed in between those are these looks that feel as though they've popped straight out of an old movie full of deviants....they seem very City of Lost Children to me quite often. And I do love that kind of fantasy when it comes to casting and styling. Agnes B. is big big big in my scene as she has supported the art scene I'm connected with for years. I just love everything the designer does with her label. And of course the Mens Fall 2012 collection was one of them.♡

more tuesday tailor ♥ marc jacobs spring (last year)


This is a video from one of my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube, Richie Nickel who has a channel  called WHAT STYLE IS TO NICKEL, or WSITN. He has very good taste, he reminds me of the 80s Brit Pop scene and he's also very modern/future to me. I also love how his voice sounds a lot like Boy George. He's adorable. And I know I have a lot of fabulous boys who read this blog. Just in case you don't know of Richie, I thought I'd post this. He does really great, honest reviews and he does love color. He's just adorable. To some people he might seem extreme, but I'm not fazed as I've worked in fashion for years and these kinds of fab characters are staple to the industry. Plus, I'm terribly open minded and supportive. Even if you're a girl, he has great advice and he has superb taste. Like, in this video below, he talks about that new Garnier BB cream and I'm super excited to hear what he says. Because if he likes it, then it's prob really good product. And I'm interested in checking out the BB cream myself. Check him out. He's adorable. (If you didn't get the memo by now...he is adorable. ;) ♡

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Do you guys ever check out the shows that go on at Sao Paolo Fashion Week? It's in Brazil and one of my favorite places I've ever visited my entire life and I've been to a lot of places. There's loads of talent down there and gorgeous people. Just think about all the super models who are from Brazil. When I was living in New York, designer Alexandre Herchcovitch was creating a buzz and his shows were massive and packed, some of the prettiest shows I've ever been to. I don't know if people still buzz about him the way they did back then, but he is still one of my favorite designers. He's insanely talented. His Fall Winter 2012 show at SPFW has some pieces that seems odd, but that's not unusual. But then there are pieces I love love love. I don't know if he even shows in New York anymore. That's the thing...you can be the hot child in the city and be loved by all the fashion press and still not make enough money to show in New York or whatever. Though, knowing him, he might have chosen to just show in Brazil.♡

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Peter Copping is just too damn good at what he does. I can't say I hate anything he has done at Nina Ricci...and I love how the Pre-Fall collection looks a little different than the other collections he's been doing. Really beautiful things. Can't wait to see what the actual Fall collection is going to look like.♡

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