While working on the rad campaign that I'm working on (that I will share with you as soon as I can), I came upon this Tom Ford documentary. Have you ever seen this? I haven't been able to watch it YET, but it doesn't ring a bell with me. SO I'm super excited to watch it. And of course I had to share it with you/y'all. BTW, I am not working on a Tom Ford campaign. Psssh. I wish! :)♡

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Jack C. said...

This is one of the better documentaries profiling a fashion designer. A few highlights from memory:

- Tom Ford misrepresented himself, by his own admission, to break into the fashion industry. Tom Ford graduated from Parsons but not with a degree in fashion. He approached labels in New York, told them he was a graduated of Parsons, and presented his portfolio. He let them believe what they wanted to believe.

- He links personal depression to dressing flawlessly. There's something interesting in the notion that if we present our best facade to the outside world then we can shield our interior self.

- He showers excessively. Five times a day. This bit resonated with me as I like to shower. If memory serves, he gets ideas in the shower.

montronix said...


indeed. though i think he meant baths...not showers. he has a gorgeous bathtub and i think he retreats into that space to get grounded, clear headed, release the stress and pressures and then like you said of course comes up with his genius ideas.

i also think that parsons thing was kind of allowing the universe to show you the way. which is a HUGE risk. :)

i think when you go through a meltdown...esp for someone like him, you really WAKE UP and then i'm sure he had a good therapist or whatever and now he really gets life and really takes care of himself.

one thing is...he doesn't say but his work for ysl wasn't really very well received and mr ysl really really disliked him and his work and what he was doing with the label. which was very hard on him. i'm sure he really respected ysl. to have ysl poo-poo your work has got to break you a little. after that, he went into hiding. and then emerged with tom ford.

i had a friend go into the new york store just to try on all the suits. he has a model body and the sales people fit him into so many and they were all impeccably made and gorgeous. his makeup line is also doing insanely well.

i think he and marc jacobs are on the same level.

thanks for your comment.