I've been so busy lately (which is why this is up late) that I haven't been able to check out some of the other Pre-Fall collections that went up sort of late. I had some time to kill...a teeny bit....today and I took a look. I did enjoy what I saw but I wondered how many people pay attention to these transition collections. One of the lookbooks I loved was from the Jonathan Saunders Pre-Fall 2012. Though it did remind me a ton of Marni, I loved a lot of the dress styles and the styling and the casting. So so so well done and different from a lot of the other lookbooks. See for yourself and thanks for waiting for this post. xx♡

I love a short dress and booties.

Really gorgeous school girl.

I love love love both of these dresses but esp the one of the right. And what a great shot.

love the style of the dress and the little jacket and the styling of this pic.

I love the shape of this dress. I might not wear this style a lot, but I definitely buy a lot of vintage in this shape.

I love love a 60s maxi dress. These dresses are very very Breakfast at Tiffany's....the shape I mean.

I love love this dress to pieces. Plus the entire look.

more saturday shopping ♥ celine limted edition

images from style.com

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