I see a couple of great summer shoes with cherries on them. I mean, I love this kind of stuff. I think it's a great way to add a personal touch to anything you wear. And it's not boring. I like plain things, too, like plain black heels...etc. But I especially love things like this that disappear and then are hard to get. And who doesn't love a good cherry? First is the Marc by Marc Jacobs heels with a giant gold heel and a jeweled cherry on the toe. Very uh...what was her name again? I'll remember. I'm just too tired to think of it right now...OH...Carmen Miranda! These are only $395. And I might have to get them. Next are the Miu Miu cherry flat sandals that are so cute, too, and adorable for a flat. These are more expensive at around $600. I think I'd go with the Marc ones over the Miu Miu pair. Who could resist that gold heel?♡

ooooo! love that jeweled cherry toe!

marc jacobs cherry heels
i love this heel. it feels so 20s.
miu miu cherry flat sandal
very cute sandals

more thursday shoe ♥ white patent

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