Truth be told, I had no idea who the heck Lana Del Rey was. There was a time when I was a super trend forecaster and a writer/editor for tastemaker mags like Dazed&Confused, Tokion and Anthem, where I "discovered" and wrote the first stories on a lot of people who became superstars...I can name a ton here but that might be stupid. :) But these days, I don't really care so much. Maybe it's because I'm not 22 anymore. Maybe it's because there are way way too many to count with all the YouTube stars and the way bands and artists get recycled on a dime these days. I saw a bunch of makeup looks that were supposed to be based on Lana Del Rey...and I loved them. So I had to look her up. I haven't heard her music, but I do love her look and her vibe and the way they style her out. I know I know...you guys are gonna be like, WTH is wrong with you?!?!? Well, rather than writing about artists, I finally decided to be the artist I have always been...and maybe that's why I'm not so concerned anymore with the flavor of the month. But this girl might not be a flavor of the month. If you haven't seen her photos, take a look below. Oh and I also think she reminds me a lot of Ann Margret.♡

someone mocked up a faux prada ad, but it looks cute.

NOT lana del rey...this is a photo of ann margret...i think they style her out just like ann (who was a hit and in a lot of films with elvis and also a redhead).

so cute

really gorgeous old school album cover.

this is a goorrrrrrgeous magazine cover...those bee-stung lips!

really pretty.

I think the below tutorial on a Lana Del Rey make up is a bit overdone...but you can get a good idea of how to get that 60s eye and lip.

more girl friday ♥ mulberry campaign

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