I just found out about this as I've been super swamped preparing for my gig plus working a bit on the gig PLUS tying up loose ends before I take for off the cold where the agency is located. Also shopping for cold things like gloves etc (which I'll write a bit about on the SATURDAY SHOPPING post next). But what a genius GENIUS idea. And it's available as a free download. I'm a bit confused if it works on everything, including this Macbook or if it's meant for IPads or what. But here is what it says on the website where you can get your free download:

Valentino Garavani, legendary fashion designer, has defined a unique world of couture for almost half a century. Now his achievement takes radical new form, in keeping with the creative traditions of the house: THE VALENTINO GARAVANI VIRTUAL MUSEUM
Over 5000 documents have been installed in a spectacular 3D Palazzo.
After downloading the desktop application each visitor can create their unique route through the galleries, to discover and enjoy every aspect of Valentino's extraordinary world.
So...I took a couple of screen shots from the video that teases the application and I've also included whatever else I could find online. But this is a definite must must must for fashion fans. I mean, how many designers are left of the Valentino variety? The other thing I read is this was really financed a lot by his longtime loving partner Giancarlo Giammetti (love him). I just downloaded it...but when you hit the download button/box, it will tell you what you need to download it/the requirements. Have fun. I'm so excited. What a gorgeous idea. :)♡

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