I don't know if I've mentioned this palette before. I know it's another little drugstore cheap brand, but I love it. I was sold after watching a review of it from a couple of people including GoldieStarling, who is a really talented makeup artist. I thought I had nothing to lose. It's like $5. I am loving this so much even more than some of my most expensive eye shadows. Uh May Zing. Just gorgeous gorgeous color. My favorite is probably the one on the top left. The pinky-gold eyelid color. And the dupe for Mac's Club shadow is good, too. It's on the bottom. They're all gorgeous. I tried it and I can't believe I am so blown away. How good are drugstore makeup brands getting now? Right? Oh...did I forget to mention I'm talking about Wet N Wild's Comfort Zone palette? :)♡

the second from the left is a color i love. but i blend it out so it's less opaque.

the far left is a gorgeous mink. the far right is the dupe for mac's club shadow.

more makeup monday ♥ domestic beauty

images from temptalia.com


Searching for Style said...

That is actually super useful, especially for people like me that are rubbish with makeup...

montronix said...

ahahahah! i'm sure you're not rubbish with makeup, silly girl. :) you are hilarious!

it is amazing stuff, girl. amazing. not sure you guys have it in the ca, but if not i can do a swap with you after i settle in!