I just received an email with some super fun news about/from cult film icon Jon Moritsugu that I have to share because everyone can tune in and watch him live online! There's more news, but I think the coolest part is what I looks like Jon Moritsugu online film festival. If you don't know of Jon Moritsugu and his partner in crime Amy Davis, then you must be new to my blog or the fashion/stylee/cooler-than-shit world and it's about time you learned about him/them. I have done other posts about these mad creators which you can see here and here and here. Instead of rehashing the email in my words, I'm just going to repost the email he sent to me and you can read on and see how amazing it is for yourselves!♡

Hello everyone -
Part I
COMCAST ON-DEMAND will be broadcasting my smash cult movie, TERMINAL USA, for the entire month of JULY as part of their "Cinema Asian America" series. This James Schamus-produced ode to righteous yellow pride will be infecting 70+ cities nationwide, from NYC to SAN FRANCISCO to CHATTANOOGA.

Here's a direct link to COMCAST, which includes movie trailers and a fresh-as-eggs new interview:

For more info and to see if your city is included in the sushifest, check out: http://www.jonmoritsugu.com/

Hit that ON-DEMAND button and also help to spread the word!
Moritsugu as MARVIN, contemplating the physics of the protractor

Amy Davis as EIGHTBALL (the alien girlfriend) and Moritsugu as KAZUMI (MARVIN's drug-dealing evil twin brother)

To add to this July madness, a new company, CONSTELLATION, will be screening 4 of my other flicks on the Internet. I will be LIVE webhosting ALL of these "virtual theater" screenings, so tune in and ask me questions like.... "how many pounds of rotting meat were actually used in the filming of MOD FUCK EXPLOSION?" + "was that a cow's head or a horse's head in MY DEGENERATION, were the cops really after you, and did Roger Ebert really walk out after 7 minutes at Sundance?" + "how did you manage to get that $2000-a-night hotel suite for FREE as a FAME WHORE location?"

FAME WHORE: Sunday 10 July 7pm MDT 

MOD FUCK EXPLOSION: Monday 11 July 7pm MDT 

MY DEGENERATION: Tuesday 12 July 7pm MDT 

SCUMROCK: Wednesday 13 July 7pm MDT 

And finally, check out my guest column in Ted Hope's HOPE FOR FILM blog on INDIEWIRE. If ya love manifestos, well, you might absolutely love or hate this:

Thanks for your time and CHEERS,

Apathy Productions
Right on!

images courtesy of jon moritsugu

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