So now that I have the cutest dog in the world, LOTTE, of course I'm going to be showcasing fashion-y things for your cute dogs, too. Today's WEDNESDAY BAG post is about the LeSportsac Pet Carrier. I love the one I see in the first image with the gold hearts, but I don't see it on the actual ordering page. The LeSportsac site is always kind of janky. Which is odd because the bags are really well made and kind of a posh insider thing. I own too many to count and I love them. The pet carrier is $98...but I promise you it will last for years! See the styles below but I'll try to find the one with the gold hearts available online, too.♡

i love that gold heart pet carrier.

little lotte! my little angel! those are tarot cards next to her.

more wednesday bag ♥ yazbukey

images from lesportsac.com

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