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I recently did a bit on Buffalo Gal (Girl) Style...something that's fascinated me for eons since I was a wee little thing glued to the TV everyday, videotaping...videos. :) You can read that part 1 Buffalo Gal Style post here. I did say I'd carry on with it and here is Part 2. The Belle Stars had a hit when I was little. I don't know if it was new or old then, but they sure played the video a lot (every single day) on the local video show we watched which was called MV3 (it RULED!). They were another all-girl band that really looked cool and fresh and sang nicely, I thought. (I still do.) Though they don't sing anything about Buffalo Gals or scratching or anything, if you look at their outfits, you'll immediately see the resemblance to the girls in the Malcolm McLaren video. Dunno if it's accurate, but I'd say YEAH....they are also sporting a Buffalo Gal look.  In any case, I did love them and the below song, "SIGN OF THE TIMES". I used to have this song on my website which will go back up soon. Check it out! 

PS A sidenote....I think the cool thing about the early 80s was that women especially weren't afraid to look non-sexy or non-perfect...which is why it still looks so fresh. People styled themselves back then because it was mainly their own personal style...I think one of the reasons why I always have loved this weird Buffalo Gal Style is because it's so not about being half naked and perfect. It's about being unique.♡

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