These Louboutin Sobek peek-toe platforms are insane. I'm not a massive Louboutin fan only because there are plenty of other brands/designers that make shoes that I do love more and people wear less (meaning less trendy), but these Sobek's are so rock-n-roll that of course you know I'm loving them! You know I love a shiny over-the-top glammed-up heel. And these definitely fit that bill. The site says "in Greek Mythology 'Sobek' is the God of the Nile, decorated with a crocodile crown he protected the Egyptians from evil predators." I like it. But I don't know if I like it enough to throw down $1500. :) I prefer the green, especially if the Nile is involved. But the silver is pretty amazing.♡

the perfect early xmas gift!

can you say glam rock?

i found this photo somewhere online...and even though it's not the official shot of the shoe, it really is a much much better look at the shoe...how hot is this shoe in silver when you see it here reflecting and breaking up the light? just gorrrrrgeous.

more thursday shoe ♥ carven

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