I know it seems odd to see the new Christian Lacroix Haute Couture collection designed by someone else, albeit someone who worked under Lacroix for like 17 years. But I mean...wasn't all that pressure supposed to be for the main brands/labels so that the masters could work on their couture? When did couture also become such a money maker that they kicked the namesakes out and had their number two made number one? I wasn't really that excited to see the Lacroix Haute Couture show...if you didn't know...IT'S NOT LACROIX! But I was so so so so excited to see the also-odd-at-first-to-think-about Lacroix-designed for Spanish label Desigual collection! The Dream Collection 2011...♡

The gorgeous Tony Ward is also featured ;) :

And images....so cute. LOVE Lacroix! Support Lacroix! I wish I had my Lacroix shoes to show you...but alas...they are in storage. :(

more saturday shopping ♥ marjan pejoski

images from nymag and telegraph.co.uk

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