HI....we're back. Thanks to all for sticking around for that week of technical mayhem. It was sort of nice to not be on a computer for a week, though. I have to admit. I hadn't done that for maybe a decade. But I did miss my blog. :) Anyway...thanks and so sorry about that again! Now onto the post!

So...what did y'all think of the Christian Dior 2011 Couture show sans Galliano? I read a lot of mean comments about it...even one that said this looks like "sabotage"....and that may be true. I didn't think the actual pieces were terrible. One girl said it looked like Primark (a UK bargain department store) and not couture at all. I wouldn't go that far. I thought it was a fun collection. It wasn't really couture to me. And it definitely was NOT Dior at all. I'm sure someone up there thought the same thing. But the show had to go on. Galliano is a hard act to follow....whether you like him or not. He is the reason Dior brought in billions of dollars of revenue. And it wasn't by accident. So have a look at this one and definitely comment if you like.

On another note, the Mens Spring Summer 2012 Galliano collection was pretty gorgeous and very cheeky, with the final two models dressed and working it like Galliano himself. I don't know what that was meant to say, but I took at it as respect the designer and a big finger to anyone who thought he wouldn't have a presence in the show. Have a look at that one, too.......I thought the entire production, energy, designs, et al, were GORGEOUS. I don't know what I was thinking, but I actually expected Galliano to show up at the end!♡


Searching for Style said...

Agree the critics are saying it is much worse than it is. The beginning was very couture, but the kaftan pieces at the end weren't. And they weren't Dior either. But no way was it Primark. People are just getting worked up because John is gone, but the reality is, he didn't do much, he was MIA most of the time.

montronix said...