The recent showing of Alexandre Vauthier's 2011 Couture collection was just too gorgeous for words. I could and would take every single piece...if I was a Saudi Arabian princess or a Texas socialite...or a celebutante. I know a lot of people out there were gushing over Armani's couture show. It was cute with the chignons. But after watching this, the Armani collection didn't look couture or interesting to me in the least. Or authentic (from the heart). Take a look if you haven't already for yourself and try to imagine all of this work done by hand, specifically for you, and then imagine wearing your favorite look to your favorite place. That's what fashion dreams are made of.♡

more friday fancy ♥ ysl paperdoll pendants

images are my own screen shots of the show


Mulika said...

What a pleasure to view :)

Absolutely adore your blog and glad I stumbled upon it.

Mulika @ My Capacious Bottega

montronix said...

why thank you so much! so sweet. some girls (and boys), like you, get it. and that makes it worth it. xx