I love love these new (collaboration) skull and crossbone boots by Bernhard Willhelm and Camper. It's a collab, like I said, and I think they're cute and original and almost cartoon...just like everything Bernhard Willhelm does. I used to own a couple pairs of very elf-ish shoes by Camper maybe almost 10 years or more ago....but I am pretty sure I got rid of them. It was a phase I went through. :) These, however, are way more my speed. Available for $460 (US)  here at ShopFatal.com. ♡
tla...true love always.
yo ho ho ho a pirate's life for me. loving the detail. just pure pirate perfection. i think i might love these more than the vivienne westood pirate boots. dare i say it.
dear santa or present to myself for getting a new job. :)

more thursday shoe ♥ hot to trott

images from shopfatal.com

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