The DIOR Spring Summer 2007 Haute Couture collection was just too much for me to bear...in  a good way. It was just that good. Just insanely well done and imaginative and impeccably executed. This was Galliano's take on the "Modern Geisha"... and it was perfection. What I'd like to do is print out every single image from this show including shoes, details from the gowns as well as beauty shots and full shots and shellac them side-by-side in my next bathroom like it was wallpaper. Because how could one not be inspired looking at those every morning whilst brushing your teeth. Really really gorgeous. A lot of people have done the Geisha, including Armani recently. But for some reason this is the only one that stands out to me. For some reason...(there were too many good images for me to post, so please watch the full show below to see the collection here ...it's all really really stunning, including the show itself). PS This is such a great example of Galliano's genius. If you don't agree after looking at, then I don't know what genius is.♡

i'm just going to write one caption because it applies to all of them...phenomenal.
i love this face and this shot. this is gorgeous.
doesn't really look geisha, but i love love this.

more tuesday tailor ♥ charles anastase

images from style.com

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