I'm just a sucker for a weird bag. For weird things period, but accessories are a big thing for me. I like to be sort of simple in my own style, but then I've always always (since childhood) had weird unique one-off shoes or headbands or purses or toys or or or. I like being downplayed everywhere and then BAM!...having something so strange it makes the entire look. Like those Bambi shoes I have wanted for so long because they sold out in my size.  (If anyone has them and wants to sell them to me in a size 6.5 or 7!) These new Marc Jacobs "Teddies' bags are just that. They're very Harajuku...yeah....they are. But I do actually love the style and the texture and the Teddy bear eyes. I don't know if I like the price. I think these should have been part of the Marc line and not the Marc Jacobs proper line. They're over $1000. I don't think so. But if I found one on EBay or something, that might be worth it. These are not for everyone. But those that get me, get me. And so they'd get the Teddies, too.

For those of you who absolutely do not get this kids-for-adults stuff....I do have one more bag that's from last year and I never posted it up...I think I just forgot about it....but in his defense...it's the same designer...Marc did the below gorgeous bag for Louis Vuitton and I would kill for it, too.

PS I am sorry my blog posts have been a bit lagging lately. It's because I'm working all day every day on the final things for MY NOVEL THAT COMES OUT VERY SOON....! I will definitely keep you all posted. But there are a lot of final things to go through like the text for the back cover and the acknowledgments and finalizing THE SOUNDTRACK! (Did I mention it's Heavy Metal???). So I am really sorry. But it's for a good reason and I am almost to the end...unless they make me do ONE MORE EDIT! I can't wait to start writing a new book...but I can't decide what the next one will be yet....more soon! There's usually more about my book on this quiet blog I have for the hint fiction we (my friends and I) do called Teeny Tiny Fiction, if you feel like checking it out. x

more wednesday bag ♥ mandy coon bunny

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