Maybe everyone knows about these already. I don't know how keen I am on all the colors, but I surely love the white. These are special limited edition Smurf ballerina flats made by the brand Melissa, which is historic apparently, for the release of the new 3D film (which looks kind of wrong because it looks like blue Shrek and not The Smurfs...I should know...my brother and I used to collect them when we were kids). I love fun flats. If you read my blog, you'll see that. I think a fun flat on a lazy day adds a ton of style and says a lot about you even if you're not glammed up. Oh...and of course they're available at Colette (for around $100).♡

my choice is white.
cute little gold detail.

2nd choice is navy...smurfs are blue after all.
red...hmmmm. ?
i don't know about the b/w at all.

more thursday shoe ♥ the perfect pump

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