I know everyone thinks you can get everything in the States, but it's just not true. You can't buy Bourjois at the drugstore. You can't get Sleek. You can't get MyFace cosmetics. You can't get a lot of things actually. And the newest thing/brand on my list of drugstore cosmetic woes is by Essence Cosmetics, primarily their newly launched 50'S GIRLS RELOADED collection. I really really really really want the translucent loose powder. :( I'll shoot them an email and see if they'll send it to me to review, but if anyone can get one for me, I can send you some money for it! It's so easy to carry around with you with its flip-top. Maybe I'll see if they have it in Canada. That's closer. :) See the line below. So cute. So adorable. Such pretty pretty colors and so sailor-y, which we all love.♡

dear makeup fairy, please make this available in the US. it only costs around 3€! the color is called "01 ahoy"!
color 01 back to the 50's. so pretty. so cute. only 2€!
color 02 i'm sailing! love love love.
color 02 i'm a marine girl!
01 you're a heartbreaker only 1€!

cute cute eyeshadow compact! less than 3€!
this color is called 03 come on board, captain! hilarious.
02 you're a heartbreaker!
01 i'm a marine girl
really adorable double-brush for less than 2€!
loving it. but i really mainly want the powder! i don't see blush. i'm going to double check...but where is the blush? :) but they do have nail polish...see below.

back to the 50's!
i'm a marine girl!
can't tell what this is, but it's love me tender...so i guess it matches the other love me tenders. how did love me tender become a sailor song?
you're a heartbreaker. these are less than 2€, too!

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images from essence site.

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