Here is the follow-up guest blog post from KELLY TUNSTALL! For part one, go here. She was nice enough to take some shots and a video of the opening she and her artist/collaborator husband Ferris Plock had for their show in San Francisco. :) That was a mouthful.

Now here's Kelly's follow-up guest blog post....


We hung the show- which in this case meant that I arranged the pieces and John from FFDG, and my stalwart supporter for many years, hung them. Since I had Gus in a front pack, I also made our helper, Ryan, come and move things and do awesome hanging perfection stuff. (which i fully admit i cannot do) he helped a lot through my recent pregnancy, when I couldn't lift anything and Ferris and Brixton (our 3, now almost 4-year old) were out expending energy.
Anyhow, the show looked great and Ferris and I ate at farina pizzeria beforehand. we don't get out that much (even semi-alone) these days, so it was really nice.
IT was a perfect night for an opening. lots of friends, lots of visitors, and great tattoos. The Clement tattoo is from someone who was raised in our neighborhood, and this fabulous lady had all kinds of radness- the no way hand, and the sides of her neck were done with flowers for California and the other side for Minnesota (not shown).  

Fellow SF artists Brian Barneclo, David Choong Lee (with his lady Sori Kim), and Brett Amory swung through. Did I mention there was Tecate? there was.
I have painted our friend Mariah for both FFDG shows; she has amazing t-shirts that she's made over the years, so I asked her if she had one that tied into this show- last year I painted her "Bring me your finest meats and cheeses" and this year,"What a tangled web we weave".

Gus was with us all night- awake until 1- and we shut it down. Thanks for following along on our little adventure!


Thanks, Kelly, for being a guest blogger on Nancy Girl and sharing the pix from your SF show! xxx♥

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