I am so sorry but things are really busy thankfully and I am behind on my blogging! But but but...fashion week is upon us and I have to get a bunch of posts up soon...before the circus really begins (though it has)...

So I will start doing some posts, prob a couple at least today, to catch up. 

Thanks for sticking around. It's not always like this (as you can see from past years), but lately things are really moving along. I have a blog tour coming up for the release of ebook editions of my novel and a few interviews are coming up and I am also working on a new novel. I have also gone through some job interviews, have a new agent repping me as a photo art director...lots of stuff! I'm also figuring out where I want to live!!! And there is a heat wave! 

Stick around and see you soon. Hope all of you are super awesome! xxxx♥

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