Geishas and Maikos typically wear a wooden sandal called a Geta. I wanted to find some old/antique/vintage examples of true Geisha and Maiko sandals as well as some photos of some ladies wearing them. So hopefully I did my job. 

I did, below, include a pair of sandals that weren't from a Geisha (or Maiko) but from the highest ranking courtesans (or prostitutes) back in the pre-1920s period. These are antique. This is what the site says about them:  Oiran were high-ranking courtesans of the feudal period who wore tall lacquered footwear or Koma-geta (or mitsu-ashi - three legs). Unlike geisha and maiko, who only entertained by conversation, singing and dancing, oiran and tayuu were the highest rank in the hierarchy of prostitution in the pleasure quarters. Whereas geisha and maiko wear tabi socks, the oiran and tayuu preferred not to do so (even in winter!) and their toes can be seen poking out under many layers of kimono while wearing these tall geta. A tiny hint of bare flesh must have been very appealing in the Edo period! These shoes were most likely worn to ensure there was no confusion between geisha, maiko and oiran / tayuu.

Other shoes include new and old. Have a look. I think they're all amazing and sometimes you see them copied. I also love how the Geishas walk in these shoes. There are also socks called that the Geishas wore with their Geta sandals. 

These are not Geisha or Maiko. These are antique shoes the Oiran wore. They date to pre-1920s. Amazing.

These also say they are the Oiran Getas...circa 1925. But they also say Geisha. I don't know. But by the description of history above, these were indeed Oiran and not Geisha/Maiko Getas. Still amazing to look at.

These are vintage circa 1930s Maiko Geta sandals. From what I've read and seen so far, Maiko Getas had bells on the inside of the sole so they would ring when the Maikos would walk.
See the wooden bell on the inside of the bottom? There's also a metal "toe guard" at the front. These are hand made and painted with cranes. Amazing.

"They are called Okobo because they have bells in the soles that tinkle as the Maiko walks."
These are pretty old, but I can't remember how old they are.

Antique wood Geta.
Antique Geta with Koi

There are different kinds of Geta sandals. This image is from Wikipedia. The caption explains the styles in the photo.  Traditional Japanese footwear. Top: Plain geta with red straps, plain geta with black straps, tall geta, one-tooth Tengu geta. Bottom: tall ashida rain geta, Maiko's okobo (reproduction), tall Tengu geta.

Socks called Tabi socks are worn with the Geta sandals. I like these below modern-day Tabi "boots"...so chic!

Kenzo's lovely take on the Geta. Remember these? How gorgeous are they!
Upon doing research, I found a blog that has all the info about all the different types of Getas and great images! A couple of the above images came from this site: WAFUKU.CO.UK . Amazing information on there. There was just so much I could cover. But I think I need to stop here. Who knew there was so much going on with one little sandal!♡

more thursday shoe ♥ ysl python wedge (kind of looks geta, too!)

images from trocadero.com, wabisabiantiques.co.uk, japonic.com, wikipedia, wafuku.co.uk

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