I know I know I know...you've seen this in all the magazines already. But I just can't not include it because I LOVE THESE. :) These are the things dreams are made of. That a genius like Stefano can design and create a shoe like this and then actually sell them. You can buy them, wear them, touch them. :) Yes, they are gorgeous. These are probably one of the best shoes I've ever seen. And only $2000 at most YSL boutiques...

let's all have a moment of silence. 
i prefer this color, actually.

OK...on another note...and a another wave...the below YSL ballerina flats are GORGEOUS and already available online for purchase. I didn't see the above wedges on the site yet. Happy shopping.♡

look at that gorgeous giant logo! these are amazing. and less than $500 US.

images of catwalk from style.com
images of ballet flat from ysl.com

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