OK. I really enjoyed the Wunderkind Spring 2011 collection. This is also a perfect example of how styling can save or destroy a collection. There was a lot going on here...but it all came together in a really great way that truly reflects the designer's vision as a whole. Wolfgang Joop (could have been a rockstar with a name like that) said he wanted to add a little punk rock to the show because without it, all the cherries would have been too sweet. Something to that effect. In lieu of the snooze most of the shows were (I'm not the only one who noticed something boring/less exciting about a lot of the shows...perhaps we're finally seeing the pressures of the changing world and technology as well as big business pushing designers to create smaller collections and/or more saleable-to-the-mass-public pieces. Not everyone can handle it--dearly missed McQueen...), this collection was fun and popped out like...a cherry. I loved the looks, but take a look at the shoes! These models must have looked like 10-foot amazons.

really cute combo with the tan/khaki and striped shorts. the bag and shoes are great, too.
maybe a bit too much for the street...but components would be good to work in..not all together. the striped leggings were great.
woohoo! fun fun shoes! would be great with some denim oversized dickies!
this color combo is great.
check out the profile of the shoes...intense!
this look was really sweet. like heidi and pippi longstocking had a cousin who smoked cigarettes and did naughty things.
fun for the runway.
really cute.
super cute plats
really fun platforms!
so are these rust lacy things. i think the white laces takes into punk
really works together for the runway. gorgeous use of color. really cute dress.
my favorite shoes from the show. would love to get these...
i have a pair that look similar, but they aren't as high! these shoes look amazing.
And I have to also mention the boys, though few, in this show. amazing styling and casting. absolutely perfect. I'd hire all of these dudes for a gig if I could. and I will. ;) (How cute are these boys in these looks???!)♡

all images from style.com

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