OK. I admit it. There are a few things that I've loved that I never write about and I don't go sharing it with the world, either (meaning, my friends). There are some things that I like not being on everyone's mind. But these days keeping secrets is getting harder and harder. And, honestly, it's not that I don't want people to know about the goods. It's just been that, well, with the perfume I wear...I'd rather not have everyone I know also wearing the exact same scent. But I'm giving that secret away here. For about 10 years or just over, I've been wearing COMPTOIR SUD PACIFIQUE in Vanille Abricot (which is like vanilla apricot scented...) and I've gotten so so so so many comments about it. Extremely good comments. I think the best comments have always been from taxi/cab drivers....They'll either start with something like, "I smell something good like...cotton candy or something baking...." or they'll just get quiet and then slowly turn around and politely ask, "I don't want to sound weird, but whatever you're wearing smells amazing...". I discovered it in small posh boutique in LA back then when a girlfriend of mine was working there. Vanilla has always been one of my favorite smells and tastes. And colors. And Comptoir Sud Pacifique used to have like five different vanilla variations. They still have quite  few. They still make Vanilla Abricot (which I have, but it's slowly running out). I also have Vanille Banane which is like vanilla banana and is quite sweet smelling...in a very good addictive way. But it's stronger than the Vanille Abricot. I also have a scent that is, I think as of now, discontinued that smells like sweetened condensed milk. It's very soft and subtle. And then some PR girls I was doing business with said they had taken the account on and sent me a new scent...Vanille Extreme. Its key notes are all vanilla pod. But I think my nose is off or something because I can't smell what I read it's supposed to smell like. Vanille Extreme is sold out until November! So it must be amazing. 

These perfumes, like any good perfume, are not cheap. And, like any good perfume, they're made in France. There are so many great smells to choose from. They're magic in a bottle. And I'm sharing it with everyone who reads my blog. I wish there was a way to smell the fragrances through the computer. In the meantime, maybe you can find a place that sells them and go smell them for yourself. I'm still a Vanille Abricot girl. But I'm going to give the Vanille Extreme a go. Since it's totally out, it must be really good. ♡

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