THERE IS A GOD...and he wears Pierre Cardin !

I am floored to know that I am young and able to see the Pierre Cardin SS 2011 collection and enjoy his work FOR REAL again. When I was little, the brand was already licensed and in essence destroyed. I wasn't around in the 60s or early 70s. Too young in the 70s to know what he was doing or to wear anything (other than the stuff my mom bought for me...see WHO AM I on the right bottom corner of my blog). What a great statement to the world of business men who think the old designers don't have a clue where it's at...to the companies who push the older masters out because they think there isn't a demand for their work.  
Here's my message to them: Suce la Grosse!

From the Huffington Post via WWD:
The 88-year-old Cardin told the fashion newspaper that he would never hand over his label to a younger designer, explaining, "No, because I have five people sketching for me who are very young. And I think the young designers of today are less avant-garde than I am. I'm still in good shape, I work every day."  

Word on the street is Monsieur Cardin had around 200 looks in the show. WELL...bring it on! I was pretty surprised when I was researching the show. There aren't any photos from the show on my Style.com IPhone app. Aside from the Huffington Post and WWD, all the other newspaper/magazine sites I looked at only had a mention way way down below the main story. I half expected most of the sites to have a big headline announcing the comeback kid. Maybe they didn't like or get the show. Listen, it's THE PIERRE CARDIN...he can pretty much do whatever he wants. And I am so so excited to have seen it. I would LOVE to land something from this collection.

On another note, I did write in a trend forecasting report over a year ago that the Mods were coming back full-force. It's been seeping in, but I think this is going to open the floodgates. I've never been wrong (dunno why, but haven't...though sometimes I'm really early). I think it would be really cool to see chic Mod girls and boys riding around on their scooters again. Hanging out in front of cool stores like Biba . (More cool news about Biba soon!) I know it's not totally possible, but a world with Cardin and Courrèges is just something else. ♡

the master! still looking good at 88!
love this strange dress...i have a collection of rad pink dresses from the past. love it.
we are the mods!
love it.
more strange Peau D'Ane dresses!
this isn't like a favorite look or anything...but the little Cardin jacket i had as a child (see my bio) was color blocked in these colors. so it resonates with me when i see it. i was instantly like, wow...those are the colors. i was like 8 years old.
key hole minis
love the color and the couple
this looks so vintage. i mean, so so 60s.
love the hats and the looks. so period.
love a pink Pierre dress
love these.
love Mr Cardin ♥
more girl friday ♥ kelly tunstall

images from http://www.huffingtonpost.com

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