HURRAY FOR BERNHARD WILLHELM SPRING SUMMER 2011!!! I love love love this fun fun fun collection. Maybe I wouldn't wear everything, but the vision and the balls (yep...I said it and it's def appropriate when it comes to Mr. Willhelm) totally get my respect. He's one of those creators who just don't care about how you're supposed to do it. He just does it his own way. And that's why his following is so strong. And the shoot for the looks is totally fun and fresh after a few weeks of catwalks......especially the Bernhard Willhelm for Camper Together shoes, the best Bernhard Willhelm for Mykita sunglasses. (And wigs by Charlie le Mindu!)♡

I think these are now officially my favorite new glasses that I must own. Love the putty pink color. (BW for Mykita sunglasses...!) and the style of the wig is really nice...
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds...I love that bag
really pretty in a weird BW way
sweet blues
love it
good socks...stockings...sockings
looks like  bathing suit?
i would have done it minus the glasses here.
bernhard willhelm (style)

 more tuesday tailor ♥ agnes b. boy

all images from http://www.bernhard-willhelm.com

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