Jared Gold was/is a master. He was  a child prodigy (with the piano) and then when he was at Otis, he won the Rudi Gernreich scholarship....a boon to anyone aspiring to become a fashion designer. I was exposed to his designs at a very crazy nuclear shop in the lower or upper Haight in San Francisco. I can't even remember the name of the store (Walter will...?), but they carried a lot of amazing pieces by up-n-coming and unknown fashion creators. One of them being Jared. There was a rack, and it had some velvet little girl tops with puffy sleeves. Mind you, this is the FIRST TIME I had seen a puffy sleeve on a top since I was about 7. I still have that top...the peach puffy sleeve stretch velvet top with the embroidered bunny head logo. Jared was blowing up...and then...he renounced all the bullshit the fashion industry dishes out to young geniuses. He renounced all the bullshitters and all the you-must's and all the rules. He literally picked up and moved to Salt Lake City (Utah)...and now he just does what he wants to. I lost touch with him years ago, but I did check out his site because he is one of those Halloween-y designers....meaning, I do think about him when I think about designers who embrace those creepy things about Halloween. And he does have some interesting things for sale on his site...see below. :) ♡

Ornamental Starwort Candle
Once thought to be a common tundra grass with burred seedpods, it actually a parasite caused by atmospheric phenomenon enabled by the unique conditions present only in the Ustyurt Plateau in Uzbekistan. High-pressure systems cause intense winds and force pollens and other biomatter into felted clumps that adhere to long grasses. The acids and moisture destroy the host grasses while releasing an intoxicating scented dust, reminiscent of white patchouli, cocoa, cardamom, and black pepper.

Deadly Kittenshade Candle
This strange species is indigenous to the haunted forests of the Transylvanian Alps running halfway through Romania. It was once believed that witches, to lure children into the woods, bred this plant.  The delicious scent would carry for miles when in bloom.  The seed tufts are fluffy and look remarkable like kittens, however if the pods come into contact with skin they cause a paralysis known as “fairy sleep. The plants blooms and releases a pink fog scented with wild strawberries, currants and candyfloss. 

African Stranglethorn Candle
This noxious sounding plant actually has a very endearing personality. A distant and demented variant of family gleditsia triancanthos, the African stranglethorn is used by lowland dwellers to armor their huts against Lions.   The vine attaches to the natural clay used to build the dwellings and leaves the outside of the hut spiky and impenetrable, while the inside stays cool and dreamily scented. The vine’s calming aroma has whisps of crunchy quince, gooseberry, Kefir lime, and lush, grassy spikenard.

These trees grow in communal clusters along the Tallapoosa River in closed lagoons. This central Alabama location has long since been the home of the legendary will o’ the wisp or swamp lights.  Until recently this paranormal phenomenon has been unexplainable due to the impenetrable density of the swamps. However, recently discovered candywood clusters have explained the lights in the darkest swamps at night; the trees incandesce. The trees release a sap that when excited by moisture glows in a variation of colors, like earthbound northern lights. Insects are drawn to the glowing and help pollinate the trees at night.  The sap has a very distinctive scent with gorgeous notes of ginger, mimosa, orange blossoms, with a tinge of peaches.

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