Below is part 1...I love the opening track to death!!!

WILD STYLE is one of  my all-time favorite movies. I own it on DVD, but I also have it on old school VHS, y'all. It's totally authentic in it's style...and just look at how good the style is. Especially in the basketball throwdown scene between the Cold Crush Crew and the Fantastic 5. So hot. Not only are the boys hot, but look at their style. Boys (and some girls) still try to capture that look. Notice the jewelry on the girls and all the good collectible Nike's everyone is wearing. There are parts of New York that still look like this, where the boys are still killing it with their own true style. If you're not familiar with the film or the scene or the graffiti history in it, almost everyone is someone. OR, rather, everyone is someone...in the second clip you see the star of the film, graffiti legend Lee Quinones who plays Raymond "Zoro" in the film. He's still famous. I got to meet him briefly a million years ago at the start of my journalism career when Adam Glickman, founder of Tokion magazine, gave me one of my first assignments...to cover the opening  RECON, an in-the-know shop in San Francisco. "You can meet all the artists..." he said. And, I did: Futura, SSUR, Lee, Stash...the greats...there were so many that I can't even remember right now. Point is, Lee looked the same as he did in this clip. The other dude with him is foxy "Zroc"...but in real life he's legendary graff writer Zephyr. I knew a girl in NYC that knew him or dated him or something...and she said he's still foxy. The other dude "Fade" is played by Fab 5 Freddy. Yep. In the second clip, you see a girl with a super 80s Downtown look. That's actually Patti Astor who ran a gallery in New York in the east village, I think called the Fun Gallery. I wasn't around or anything. I read about it. (Here is an AMAZING site if you're into that kind of history.) You see influences in EVERYTHING to this day that come from the time and space featured in this film. Plus, the music is badass, too. Legendary. And true. (PS I also have to mention LADY PINK...the girl writer with the long dark hair. Love her.)♡

hot boys with hot style
i wonder how many of these sweatshirts still exist
downtown girl Patti Astor at some then-iconic club/bar/space
Grandmaster Flash!
the amazing Cold Crush Crew
this is an old flier i found on one of the sites listed below. not from the film, but real to the era.
gallerist Patti Astor from back in the day...awesome!

more sunday matinee ♥ that girl

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