You can watch the whole film (a bit long...if you have time to kick back today or you're sick like me and have to stay in bed and watch films) here....it's really well done. You can also find it if you search for it on YouTube. But everyone should be able to watch it on PBS. I love PBS. And I love Ray and Charles Eames' work. Most of my furniture is very Valley of the Dolls...it's all very 60s dollhouse. And I do have a couple of modern bits thrown in there. (If you check out the "More Sunday Matinee" link below...you'll see that the furniture in the film John and Mary is also very much from this Eames era.) This doc is also really good at showcasing how amazing Ray was...how true to herself she was and how much she valued art and style. Every girl should be their own person. I think too many people want to be the same person these days instead of really doing their own thing. You will see what I mean in this video. She wasn't a super model, but she was equally or more beautiful and amazing. Oh and this is narrated by James Franco (whom I also love love love love love).♡

more sunday matinee ♥ john and mary

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