I was dubious about the new Valentino Couture collection for Spring Summer 2012, only because I thought I'd be bored or something. Yes, it has the same vibe/flavor it's been having since Master Valentino left the thrown. But it is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I was even more excited because I actually own a real Valentino dress that looks like it belongs with this collection!  It's what I call my Valentino "prairie dress". So this group of new dresses, to me, does look authentic, even though they didn't include one little red thread anywhere (gasp!). I would love to own some or all of these.♡

my vintage valentino is this shape...maybe a bit more narrow on the bottom...

i love how girly this is. dunno where you would wear it. but it's pretty to look at.

my vintage valentino has a print that looks more like this one...only it's beige on taupe.

i also own a vintage dress just like this...i call it my vintage wedding sweater dress. it's almost identical. and very heavy. you have to be a tall twig to wear things like this.

i love this dress so much. just to have. just to have it hanging in the closet. :)

i also love the dress maria grazia chiuri is wearing.

more thursday shoe ♥ the perfect pump

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Copenhagenish - http://copenhagenish.me said...

It's a lovely collection - very romantic, very 19th century. I love how the floral print is back!
I will be looking forward to a spring full of light, transparent fabrics and pastel colours. Oh... if only it was spring already :)

/Sanne - copenhagenish.me

montronix said...

TOTALLY! i hope it gets knocked off a ton so we all can look romantic!
thanks for reading!!! xxx