This is a video from one of my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube, Richie Nickel who has a channel  called WHAT STYLE IS TO NICKEL, or WSITN. He has very good taste, he reminds me of the 80s Brit Pop scene and he's also very modern/future to me. I also love how his voice sounds a lot like Boy George. He's adorable. And I know I have a lot of fabulous boys who read this blog. Just in case you don't know of Richie, I thought I'd post this. He does really great, honest reviews and he does love color. He's just adorable. To some people he might seem extreme, but I'm not fazed as I've worked in fashion for years and these kinds of fab characters are staple to the industry. Plus, I'm terribly open minded and supportive. Even if you're a girl, he has great advice and he has superb taste. Like, in this video below, he talks about that new Garnier BB cream and I'm super excited to hear what he says. Because if he likes it, then it's prob really good product. And I'm interested in checking out the BB cream myself. Check him out. He's adorable. (If you didn't get the memo by now...he is adorable. ;) ♡

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