I really love these headphones, though I do wish they were round. They're a collab between Eley Kishimoto and WESC and they're supposed to be available to buy this month (JAN)...but I can't find them for sale online. I use my expensive headphones every day. But I had to get a new pair about a year ago and they aren't as good as my favorites which are locked in storage (dumb move on my part) and I'm realllly picky about the sound quality. SO I'm on the lookout for a new pair that are easy to take on a plane (mine are kind of massive studio type of headphones). I'll put a link as soon as I know where to buy these. But they are cool. I do love the Flash design as it's very lightning bolt which is all over my new novel...which is going to be announced on here quite soon! YEA! Stay tuned! Oh, and my novel has a soundtrack (!)...so you could listen to the music on your new Eley Kishimoto headphones whilst reading my book! \m/

doesn't this photo make them look a bit round?

more saturday shopping ♥ tsumori chisato

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