I tend to love the Agnes B. shows. And I usually do posts on the boys shows on here even though I don't have too many mens shows really covered on Nancy Girl, as there are way too many and this would turn into a menswear blog. There are loads of chic, simple, wearable looks in the show...but then mixed in between those are these looks that feel as though they've popped straight out of an old movie full of deviants....they seem very City of Lost Children to me quite often. And I do love that kind of fantasy when it comes to casting and styling. Agnes B. is big big big in my scene as she has supported the art scene I'm connected with for years. I just love everything the designer does with her label. And of course the Mens Fall 2012 collection was one of them.♡

more tuesday tailor ♥ marc jacobs spring (last year)

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