US VOGUE's Creative Director Grace Coddington will have a memoir out sometime in the near future penned by her friend at Vanity Fair (Michael Roberts, VF's Style Editor-At-Large)! I cannot wait. So many of us...wait, let me say that again...so so so so so so so many many many of us who've worked in the fashion industry as designers and journalists (me) and stylists love this woman. We think US Vogue would be nothing without her. We love everything about her spirit and her vision and her own personal style. I'm so excited to read it! In honor of Madame Coddington, I'm going to post a bunch of pics of her from past and present....you know she was a model? If you saw "The September Issue", then you know a lot of this stuff already. And I'm sure you're just as excited as I am to read her memoir!! (It's rumored her book deal got her a whopping $1.2 million!)

On a side note...I should be doing more book reviews on here as I am a writer, too, in addition to art directing and creative consulting...and my novel is going to be out soon...really soon! (YEA!) But if you haven't read In and Out of Vogue by Grace Mirabella, you should def get that one on your list. Not too many people talk about it as much as they talk about DV (Diana Vreeland's fab book) or of course newer things like The Devil Wears Prada. Def read that book. It's very important in showcasing how nasty the game of fashion magazine business can be.♡

Grace Coddington 1962. Amazing.
So so so so so amazing. totally my favorite....I think.
So glam rock. So David Bowie-esque!
So gorgeous
a ma zing
Hello, Grace! Too hot.
I love all the Mod stuff...so good.
Karen Elson as Grace Coddington!

Just so amazing. We should all aspire to be like Grace. :)

images from facesplaceslipsticktraces.blogspot.com, models.com, fuckyeahgcoddz.tumblr.com, jillrosenwald.blogspot.com, rdujour.com, thatsnotmyage.blogspot.com

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