I have a big week planned for the next...on this blog I mean. And I don't really know what I want to post on the Saturday Shopping post (today) which is why it's not up. So I'll post this one up and then I'll have something else, too, a bit later. This post is about a couple of things I've picked up for my new dog Lotte (pronounced Lot-ee). She's getting so big all of a sudden. I hope she doesn't grow too much more or else the harness I bought won't fit her! I stumbled upon a random aquarium/pet shop in LA one day as I was walking around in miserable heat wave and melting. They didn't have too many things for dogs at all. But I looked anyway. Anyone who has adopted a new dog, and maybe their first dog in a long time, knows that we love to spoil them just like children. It's fun to buy their first everythings. I was asking what kind of crates they had for traveling, if any, when the cute owner (cute cute Asian lady) said she, too, has a Chihuahua but hers is a teacup white one. So cute. Mine is not a teacup. I'd be afraid to squash it! She said her dog has a strawberry bed. Of course I went crazy and asked about it and she said, "We have it right here...it's over there...!" So you know I bought it. Then she started to tell me about a cute harness that she has in the backroom somewhere that I "will love" with a little teddy bear on the back. She told me to leave and come back in a few days so she could find them. I did, and I loved it and I bought that for Lotte, too. What I don't get is, I know they make a lot of these sort of "Sanrio-esque" things for pets. Why doesn't anyone open up a shop with these kinds of things for pets...but open it in the States or other places. Because we all know they must have tons of this stuff in China and Japan. I LOVE them. I only hope she doesn't outgrow them. She was the runt....she was 2 pounds at 8 weeks while her sister was more than double. Or at least double her size. So we knew she'd be small. She's still only about 41/2 pounds. We will see. Have a look at some of these cute dog items and I'll put up a more fashion-y post later. ♡

lotte's strawberry bed. she thinks it's a huge toy right now. and ps this is at my parents' house. i don't have carpet like this.
a giant strawberry!
i love this harness. and even though i'm not an orange and brown girl (except for i love charlie brown), i do love the design of this harness and the teddy bear is so cute, too. and it comes off so you can wash the harness. the harness also came with a posh leash/lead!
it looks really good with her coloring. i can't wait to walk her around the city with this! she just got her last shots so i can take her on walks now!
sit, lotte, sit. good girl. love her. how cute.
lotte asleep after her photo shoot.

more saturday shopping ♥ we are magic

images by moi

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