A lot of my friends work in the same field or related field as I do...and most of them have one or more foot in the fashion door. So we do discuss new campaigns or things we've seen in magazines, shoots photographer friends of mine have done with cosmetic companies, adverts we like. One of the things that comes up a lot is how stupid companies are who really photoshop/illustrate false images to sell product...especially when the product is good. Meaning, a lot of the times (sorry I keep saying "a lot") I say things like, "Why did they make you retouch the lashes so they're so obnoxiously long? That's only going to make the product look like it DOESN'T work." Because it is pretty damn obvious and we all know everything gets retouched blah blah. 

It was pretty amazing to me that the Brits (again) have banned not one but TWO ADVERTISEMENTS BY TWO MAJOR COMPANIES FOR FAKING THE RESULTS IN THE IMAGES! How amazing and awesome is that??? For the full story click here, but here are the basics according to the Associate Press (woohoo go AP!):

♥ Britain's advertising council has banned two makeup advertisements.
♥ One is featuring Julia Roberts (shame shame on you, Julia) and the other features Christy (gasp!) Turlington. 
♥ They ruled that these digitally altered images were misleading. 

Here is the advertisement for  Maybelline's The Eraser featuring Christy Turlington...I mean, come on! Does Christy really need to be digitally altered??? So stupid. I can't believe these massive huge companies don't have ONE smart person on staff that doesn't step up and suggest this might be stupid. This might actually be a good product. But OH WELL...who is going to buy it now??? Plus, they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on these campaigns. Just so so stupid. I think these are the minds stuck in 1998 still. This is the 21st century...as I have said so many times before. People aren't as naive as they used to be and you can't get away with everything like before, either!

AND HERE is the other advertisement for a product I've heard a lot of amazingly good things about, which makes it even worse because it's now going to receive a ton of negative publicity. Maybe all publicity is good if you are a celeb. But the same does not go for a product. This is Julia (snore) Roberts for Lancome's Teint Miracle...

I mean...I never liked this entire campaign. This is another one of those campaigns that I feel is really falling behind the times. I have wanted to actually try Teint Miracle. It does give you some kind of illuminating glow which does flatter everyone. So there is no reason to embellish the truth.

Julia Roberts...first of all, terrible choice because NO ONE CARES. And sadly a very good (from what I've heard) product from Lancome. Just pure stupidity.
The other adverts that always annoy me are the ones for eyelashes, whether they're for mascara or lash potions or whatever. I know of a photographer who really did have to extend the lashes in retouching (which really annoyed her, too)...I think the reason why these YouTube beauty gurus are doing so well (some of them have as many subscribers as a magazine has subscribers...which is ma-jor) is because they are normal girls giving their honest opinions. There is no retouching or digitally altered anything going on there. Maybe these companies can take a hint.

I know this is coming off more op-ed than what I intended which is HURRAY for the Brits to put their foot down! They don't want their people to be deceived by these ads and I love it.♡

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