Oh geez....some of these new pieces are making me feel crazy because they're so so crazy GOOD. First of all, I have been obsessing over those JCDC Bambi heels. And now I'm like, I really also would love to add these Mandy Coon bunny bags to my collection! They're so cool because they're shiny and black! Velvet and leather with a gold chain! Around $560....for one size and the larger one that's made of lamb leather entirely is around $600. I think I would really want that one. But I'd take either! Amazing. And so so cool. (I'll feature Mandy Coon in one of my future Tuesday Tailor posts...!)♡
velvet and leather smaller bag for $560
velvet and leather bunny bag unzipped

this is the larger bag made of all lamb leather...LOVE IT!
close up of the all-leather bag's bunny head!

more wednesday bag ♥ jun takahashi

images of bags from colette.fr
top image from mandycoon.com

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