It's already starting to get cold. Well, maybe not so much everywhere...but in some places. I do love a season change when you can finally bust out the cold cold wardrobe items. I have been looking at a lot of the stock on the Tatty Devine site and I've been wanting to showcase some of the Bernstock Speirs pieces they have for sale for the winter days. Super cute and girl. Which is just how I like it. (I especially love the gloves....they're connected. If you aren't familiar with this style, what you do is run the gloves inside the sleeves of your coat...the ribbon connecting the gloves runs behind your back. And then when you take the gloves off, they hang at the end of your sleeve cuff. They dangle if you will...and it's so so convenient...and cute.) And PS...Tatty Devine ships worldwide!♡

Bernstock Speirs ribbon hat in cream £49.50
Bernstock Speirs ribbon gloves...these are so convenient and old-fashioned fashion. love them! £52.00
these gloves actually detach if you like and then you can use the connector bit as a scarf. so cool. £70.00
ribbon bow hat in black.
ribbon gloves in black to match your hat! £52.00
detachable gloves in blue! £70.00

more saturday shopping ♥ marni x ladurée

all images from http://www.tattydevine.com

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