So interesting to see all the attention being paid to the new young designers from/in PARIS! This is def one of the perks of the interweb. Whereas before kids making amazing pieces would hope to get lucky and have something worn by someone famous or to get in a cool magazine, these days the buzz just starts and goes on and on and on via the web! I LOVE IT! So today's post is showcasing Maxime Simoens' Spring Summer 2011 collection and it's fantastic. And, even more so, HE is fantastic. I think he's amazing with embroidery, especially. (Did you watch my Sunday Matinee post this week? Maxime Simoens is in there.) He's sweet and chic and very designer-y looking. I'm going to showcase a lot of these Parisian designers. I'm more a fan of their aesthetic than I am of a lot of the new New York kids. Though I like the new New York kids, I'm not a fan of a lot of their digs.♡

so cute!

so cute. especially with the styling. and i love the full-length dress below.

more tuesday tailor ♥ charles anastase

all images from http://www.maximesimoens.com

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