foaming bath and shower gels 
Just in time for holiday shopping, the lovelies at Ladurée have something that I know any girl or boy reading this blog will LOVE LOVE...introducing the BEAUTY COLLECTION FROM LADUREE! Yes, it's true. The Ladurée beauty scents are Rose, Violet, Tea and my favorite, BonBon! The collection consists of: BODY CREAM, HAND CREAM, PRECIOUS BODY OIL, (ROSE) WATER FOR THE FACE, FOAMING BATH, SHOWER GEL, BATH SALTS AND BATH POWDER. Alas, too bad there isn't any BonBon flavored lipgloss or even some lovely smelling and looking powder blush. Maybe eventually. The beauty products are reasonably priced...mostly around 30£ each. Would be a sweet gift to receive one of these...♡

precious body oil
Rose body cream
Violet body cream
bath powder
bath salts

more makeup monday ♥ candy face

all images from http://laduree.fr


Searching for Style said...

Although I don;t tent o buy beauty products form brands that are "known" for making great beauty products, this stuff would look amazing on my dressing table. I wonder if it is edible? :-)

montronix said...

i'm sure the products are impeccable like everything they do....i think you'd be more than safe with a brand like laduree...
and yes...they would look lovely....