I love a stylist who can work the right look and get a girl to look old school and still current and hot and sexy. The below shoot is from the current issue of Italian Vogue. It's film-y in a very Godard /Truffaut way. And a little To Sir With Love . But it's something anyone could do. And what I also love about it is it's not afraid to NOT be pretty. Which makes it really even more cool. At least in the U.S., everyone is so overly concerned about being pretty or sexy that they forego style. When all the while some good style makes you really stand out. You do occasionally see a girl rock this look in places like New York and San Francisco and any other town where it gets cold a lot. In sunny LA, I never really ever see it. But I'm happy to see it in this shoot. It's very Sergio Zambon ...it's very Nancy Girl. That's why I'll be using this shoot as a reference on those colder days when I just want to look a little...more stylee and a little less everybody.

PS if you want to know how to get that hair look and do your eyes in that 60s liner way....check out my post with video tutorials by this girl who does it really well...the hair is really just ratted (back-combed) and then brushed out a bit and the eyes are like edie sedgwick....watch the bardot videos for the hair and the edie sedgwick video for the eyeliner.♡

just gorgeous. and a little dirty. which is why i love it. perfect beauty mark.
like she woke up and pinned her hair and applied makeup over her last-night's makeup. love it.
that's totally my hair on the left (or it will be!) with a little less eyeliner. love the sweater and the beatnik effect. and the gorgeous black girl on the right.
the left pales in comparison to the right. the right looks like a lot of girls who live in cold places. love it.
i don't think i'll see too many girls with hair styled like it is on the left. but i love it in this shoot. i would love to see it. and i do love the hair on the right. i'll def be doing that. my hair gets bigger with wet weather. but i'll make sure it looks more bardot and less snooki poof.
the tools you might need for this look. cute still of the makeup.
more makeup monday ♥ papercut lashes

images from vogue italia

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