I had another post for Saturday Shopping but then I got an email from Jennybird Alcantara about a couple of shows and...some PAPERDOLLS she has for sale! I LOVE paperdolls. I hope to have some on here soon! Paperdolls that are more for big kids, though. :) In any case, if you are in Tucson, Arizona (home of gorgeous Hopi and Navajo), you might be able to pop in to buy a couple of her pieces from the Sacred Machine Gallery. (Or, if you're not there, I'm sure they'll ship it to you!). Then Jennybird has some awesome amazing would-look-super-dope-on-your-wall paperdoll pieces that will be on sale at the MF Gallery in Brooklyn (NEW YORK!). I used to live down the street from MF when they were in the Lower East Side (Manhattan). Prices for the paperdolls are below. Contact Sacred Machine for prices on the lovely sweet mini pieces...OH I forgot to mention they're MINI! I love love mini paintings. (It's time to shop for Xmas, deerheart.)♡

Dearheart oil on wood 6"x8" Framed size 10"x12" @ Sacred Machine
Winter heart oil on wood 6"x8" 10"x12" framed @ Sacred Machine
 **from jennybird: sorry i dont have shots with them in the frames, but they are a cute ornate matte black frame**

And paperdolls in Brooklyn at MF Gallery :

'Extreme Self Love'
acrylic paint on 300 lb watercolor paper, metal brads
15 inches tall

'Swan diver'
acrylic on 300 lb watercolor paper,metal brads
15 inches tall

'Mother Bird'
acrylic on 300 lb watercolor paper, metal brads
14 inches tall

more saturday show ♥ herchcovitch ss 2011

all images courtesy of jennybird alcantara

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