This is just plain sad and...wrong. (Today's post is a NAG instead of the WEDNESDAY BAG post I usually do.) Yesterday I got a message from one of my dear New York friends...she's a fantastic menswear designer for one of the most famous/successful American designer labels. (See her awesome beauty blog Goddess.Huntress. here !) And we think the same way. She passed a link onto me with a message that said something like, "This is unfortunate..." The link? It's for an article/post on highsnobiety.com about...the new collaboration of the Alexander McQueen label...and The Rug Company! (NO!) OK OK....I'm not one of those sites that dishes out or rags on things. But I HAD to say something here. It's just awful (don't you agree, Alex??? please do something under LOATHE on your blog!). Rugs with skulls and designs that are inherently part of the McQueen aesthetic on...rugs. Not fancy gorgeous antique Persian rugs. On rugs you buy from The Rug Company. I get when someone like a pop artist or an interior designer like Kelly Wearstler does a collab with The Rug Company. But I cannot imagine someone like Lee McQueen would ever ever ever agree to something like that. I am only speculating, but I imagine there were a lot of these awful business deals to promote the brand on the table. And, maybe a lot of these shall we call them "business men" were pressuring him to acquiesce to these deals in order to push the brand. Dunno. This is why I don't necessarily want to write for everyone because some things shouldn't really be promoted at all. I mean, I get they feel like they need to cover  it. But it's wrong.  People didn't love the brand. They loved the designer behind the brand. Because he was the brand. This is sad sad for the brand. Awful. Tacky. No wonder the poor fellow hung himself.♡

tacky rugs and matching pillows. sad.
sad sad sad
sad sad sad sad :(

all images from highsnobiety.com


Searching for Style said...

Yes, this is very depressing. I have been thinking of writing a post about "What will happen to the ALexander McQueen brand?" for a while, and I think this is a great reason to go ahead. Now that every teeny-bopper in the world knows and "loves" the brand, I think it will go downhill. What's next? A collaboration with H&M? Sad indeed.

Searching for Style said...

Actually, if they did a washable, small version of the skull one, I'd use it as a bathmat?? They could also do that little curved one that goes around the base of the toilet! Lee McQueen is turning in his grave right now.

montronix said...

my thoughts exactly!!! i was going to say they could also do toilet seat cover! to match! :)
totally agree!
i hope he's haunting the biz men running these deals right now. i hope they're waking up in a sweat in the middle of the night to find him hovering over them...