Wow...take a look at this lovely little collection I discovered from some Italian genius named Sergio Zambon ! Here's the deal (if you're not in Europe...especially if you are in the States)...these shows never make it to the style.coms or the US Vogues. NEVER. Due to appeasing advertising, etc. Dunno why. Thank goodness for the Internet (in this respect) because I can now cruise all the other Vogues around the world and see these lovely lovely creations. These 60s (so done right) looks are the very same looks I endlessly look for in every thrift (charity) shop, in every good vintage boutique, at so so many estate sales. These are the goooods. And then I have to mention the so so good styling. So on point. So Italian. Old school Italian. And I rather like seeing faces I don't recognize. I'd take all of the pieces in this post in a heartbeat. And I hope to do so one day soon. (And then look at the banana heel he designed on the bottom for a previous collection! Fun!)♡

OMG. Are you kidding me? I would kill to have this dress!
Chic! Chic! Chic!
This is so totally ridiculously hot...I think you need to learn Italian just to wear it.
Love it. Will work on copying it for next summer. This is a good length to shorten loose vintage dresses to.
love it.
So so loving the chicness.
Such a pretty pretty dress. So flattering and timeless.
A perfect coat for all your pieces above.
Sergio Zambon Banana Heel (why don't we all know about this guy???)

more wednesday wonder ♥ low on high

all images from vogue italia


sergio zambon said...

Dear Mandana
grazie 1000
I love your comments of course!
come to my next show or let's meet when I am in NYC next (I was there for fashion week)
thank you


montronix said...

wow...! hi...! fantastic! i did truly LOVE the line and i'll pitch it whenever i can. might be working with tank soon.

and yes...would love to and thank you! i'm actually in los angeles right now but i might end up back in new york. let's touch base/kit around next fashion week and see where we are at. would love to and thanks so much again.

i really love the work you do.