I intended on posting this yesterday. But completely forgot in the midst of this busy busy week. I wish I could pop over to see this Westwood through the years show; Vivienne Westwood Shoes: An Exhibit opened on August 26th at Selfridges & Co. and runs through September 22nd. It's "a retrospective of her most iconic designs from the last 5 decades"...1973-Present...which is pretty cool if you ask me. You'll get to see the real deal from the real decade. Not a reproduction. Not a photo of a the shoe. The actual shoes. Below are some of the shoes included in the collection.♡

1993 Super Elevated Gillie
1986 Rocking Horse
1986 Rocking Horse
1986 Rocking Horse
1996 Trompe L'oiel

Mary Jane
1981 Pirate Boot. Probably her most iconic shoe ever.

kelly has an exhibit that opens tomorrow at giant robot in new york! 

all images from www.independent.co.uk

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