Kansas City fatale, designer Peggy Noland, has been blowing up for some time. Her new collection  of unisex sportswear debuts at NY Fashion Week....at none other than the notorious newly-resurrected (for real) slush-lush haunt The Hole, a then-gay-boy club (um, the hole....hello!)  that a few years ago used to turn into a hipster after-hours on Wednesday nights (all straights included). I loved that place. The walls were covered in graffiti and ick, and the floors...I never wanted to look down, but it always felt/seemed like the entire floor was covered in water (of some nature!)...but you knew when you had no where else to go on a  Wednesday night in Manhattan, you could head over to The Hole and run into all your homies and see some cool girls, too (like Chloe Sevigny, who was always had a guy on each side of her in her lovely lovely clothes....true story). I don't know what the "new" hole is like, but this might be super cool...and fun. And a nice break from the douches that cram into Bryant Park (yep....for ever 50 lame-asses, there's like five cool real fashion people who don't look like they spent a year planning their garment dis ass ter). I wasn't able to get the new collection images in time for this post...the collection showing is called PEGGY NOLAND HAS BALLS...but I can show you some of the pieces available on the site's shop...and some other images I rounded up. Looks like a revival. We need some new crazy ass blood in the mix. Right? Aight. ♡


Peggy Noland boutique storefront in Kansas City, y'all
oversized i heart mommy/daddy tunnel hoody...could be cool if warn not like baby huey
quilted baby bumper with clear straps...not sure what this is about...but it's something new
reversible diaper shorts...is this rave wear?
high neck jumper

the designer promoting her new Peggy Noland Has Balls collection

all images and video from peggynoland.com

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