What can I say that hasn't already been said of MJ's Spring 2011 collection? That it's a dream for every girl out there? That he always creates and resurrects pieces that most women I know look for endlessly and almost never find? That the styling and everything he's showing is always on point (even if people don't get it until a million years later...Perry Ellis)?  How can I choose one look or ten looks from this collection that makes my heart truly sing? First of all, I have to own the large/high gold glitter platforms. Second, can we all admit how much we LOVE the Taxi Driver reference? The 70s nod to YSL and Missoni? The giant flowers everywhere? And, for that matter, the giant hair everywhere?!  What about the gorgeous makeup...when is he going to launch a cosmetics line??? LOVE LOVE LOVE it all! I especially also love the couple of pieces that came from his cage-y collection last year. There's not very much I can say except that I am totally stoked to be the age I am and work in fashion and be able to enjoy seeing what he'll unveil every fashion week. And I think in a way any girl can put some a look together and be an MJ girl if they really want to. Which means every girl can be really f-ing hot. I can't wait to see what the Marc line is going to look like! ♡

can't sleep...must be looking at mj's collection...AGAIN!
gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous and very YSL peasant/gypsy
Taxi Driver!
so perfectly done...
must own these gold platforms!
flowing and lovely and still way way cool
a little bit from last year
love it
a little bit Missoni!
this reminds me of dresses my mom wore when i was super little...and the big giant flowers in the hair
the shape of this dress is soooo 70s...and flattering. it's been ages since we've seen women in this type of dress walking around.

all images from style.com

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