Just a quick post to tell you my thoughts on the US launch of Glossybox.....there are no photos because, thus far, I HAVE YET TO RECEIVE ONE!

After watching all the videos of girls in the UK and other parts of Europe open up their amazing boxes, I was anxious to sign up. I got on the waiting list and finally I was able to sign up for a subscription, which cost $23 (with shipping), which is double the price of the other beauty boxes you can subscribe to here in the States. 

The first box I was supposed to receive was the JUNE BOX. I received an email in June stating my box had shipped on June 22, 2012. It also included a tracking number. Then I started watching videos of people who had received their June boxes, which sucked, too...the products were way beneath anything the UK/Europe boxes had, and in some cases the product had leaked out. So kind of a bad start. 

After a couple of weeks of nothing, I looked at the tracking number and tried to track the box. The thing is, that tracking number NEVER updates. EVER. It always says the same thing...that my box HAS SHIPPED ON JUNE 22ND. It was now July. 

I made several attempts to contact GLOSSYBOX USA customer service, but all they did was dog me with vague "we're sorry" emails and no solutions or refunds or assurance they'd handle the situation. On top of that, THEY CHARGED ME FOR ANOTHER BOX...JULY! WHEN I HAD NEVER RECEIVED JUNE'S BOX! 

I threatened to file a claim with the Better Business Bureau. All of a sudden, I started getting more emails from customer service, though none of them had any answers or solutions! First they said that they were "sorry" I had not received my June box and they would "send another box out asap"....then they said that the June box had gotten lost in transit. And I wrote back asking how it could go missing if it had a tracking number??? But throughout this process, there has never been an email stating they have sent a replacement out to me for the missing June box with a legit tracking number. Nor have they done anything else. They only write vague apologies and say they will "take it into consideration" for future boxes. 

I asked them to refund me for everything they have charged me thus far and to remove me from their subscription list/cancel my subscription...BUT THEY REFUSE!

So I filed an official complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Glossybox USA SUCKS! In case you were wondering if this has happened to other people, just to go youtube...there are plenty of videos and there are plenty of complaints across the board about them on other message boards. 

GLOSSYBOX USA SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS. If you have had problems, it's very very easy to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. File a complaint HERE. The info you need for Glossybox USA is below:

Beauty Trend USA, Inc.
231 West 29th Street Suite 303 
New York, NY 10001
phone 646-823-9589

    I wish there was a subscription program featuring Asian products (esp Japanese and Korean)...I would LOVE that.♡

    UPDATE 7/17/2012
    HERE is the email I received this week after I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau:

    GLOSSYBOX replied:

    Dear Mandana,

    Thank you for contacting us. We are sorry you are unsatisfied with your GLOSSYBOX experience. We have refunded your account for the June and July boxes. Your replacement box will be shipped to you complementary. Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.
    Thank you!
    The GLOSSYBOX Team

    UPDATE JULY 23,2012:

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    Anonymous said...
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    montronix said...

    i have heard of that, but they haven't sent one to me to review...but if they did, i would love it because i obv love asian beauty product. :)

    montronix said...

    oops the comment got deleted...but here it is:

    I so agree with you. Glossybox sucks! Even in Europe (I'm from Sweden)

    Have you heard about the amazing beauty box from Korea? It's the bomb!
    It's not a subscription box, but you choose what you buy. The products are often deluxe samples to full size!