A while ago, I was sent over a slew of products by John Masters Organics. It took some time to try them all. But I finally did and then I totally forgot to do a full-on post about them. John Masters produces organic good-for-you face and body care, and he even has a good-for-your-dog shampoo called Dog Poo that doesn't contain any harmful chemicals in it. And it's organic, too. I have a bottle of that sitting in the bathroom because it's so cute. And I do use it on my dog, Lotte (who is so so so cute). So here's my review of some of the products by John Masters...finally after a million years. (I'm so excited because the final bits are almost done for the novel and I'll be able to do a soft launch/pre-sale soon. Woohoo!) Oh..one more thing...I forgot to mention that the packaging is very chic and looks very luxury and uni-sex, too.

Lavender Rosemary Shampoo (for normal hair): I did love this. But I didn't think it was a miracle product. But it did feel rich and smell fresh and organic, if you will. It didn't leave any weird build-up and it was a solid product. 

Firming Eye Gel: This is probably one of my favorite products and I always have it handy. It is a gel, but not a gunky gel, that helps with firming the skin around your eyes. It's very cooling and feels nice. I especially love using it when I have puffy eyes. I really do love love love this product. And the little glass bottle is lovely. Another plus is it has a pump.

Calendula Hydrating and Toning Mask: I wanted to so love love love this product. I do have combination skin on the drier side. And I love hydrating masks. It wasn't a bad mask at all. It was lovely, smells great, looks really nice in the glass pot. But my skin didn't feel as hydrated or toned afterwards. Maybe I just need something stronger. If you don't have uber dry skin, this might be a good pick me up if you have a dry day. 

Linden Blossom Face Cream Cleanser: Though I think I would have preferred the exfoliating cleanser to this one, this is a really lovely, light, milky blossom-scented cleanser. It's very gentle and smells amazing, if you like light blossom-y scents. Left my skin feeling soft. Which I loved. I really did like this. I only used it a couple of times to actually know how it would do on my skin. I think you need to use a product for like a week to know how your skin is going to really react to a product. But it was a good cleanser, nevertheless.

Blood Orange and Vanilla Body Wash: I loved this. I thought I wouldn't. But it had this strange hypnotizing scent to it and it felt rich and expensive when I used it. If you don't like the scent of orange or vanilla, then you will not like this. But it's not too sweet a smell or too citrus-y. It's a very nice, expensive natural smell. I can't really describe it. 

Blood Orange and Vanilla Body Milk: This also had that same luscious smell. I liked this very much and used up all my samples :( quickly...even though it's very milky and not a cream at all, which is what I'm more used to for body moisturizers or what have you. It does feel very hydrating and sinking into your skin.

And finally, one of the best John Master Organics products they make, DOG POO, which is their good-for-you dog shampoo. I like to use organic, non-toxic really good stuff on my dog. I don't buy the crap they sell at regular pet stores. This is around $20 I think, but it'll last quite a while and it smells heavenly. And it does the trick, ridding your pup of fleas using natural things like peppermint and lavendar to ward them away and get your dog clean.

And here's a photo of my mom's dog, Cupcake, who is so cute in her little circus dress....

I think these products make good gifts for the chic men in your life or those people who are really hard to shop for, like women/girls who don't like things too girly and prefer stuff that's good for you and modern. You could simply give them a mask which comes in a lovely amber glass pot. Or the Dog Poo for the dog lovers is always good, too. They also have gift sets on the site. I think everything is fairly priced, not overly expensive, for luxury products. Check them out and happy shopping!♡

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